Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Crestworth Twiggy Lamp

Just picked up a very rare Crestworth Twiggy Lamp. It's believed to one of the rarest lamps that Crestworth produced.

Designed by Edward Craven - Walker in the late 1960's and the patent was completed in early 1970.

Twiggy is described as "THE SENSATIONAL ALL-PURPOSE LAMP" in a 1970s Crestworth Brochure. Think of any situation where a flexible all purpose lamp could be used, then think of Twiggy.

The Twiggy Lamp is essentially an all purpose lamp with extreme functionality as you can keep on constantly changing the position and the form of the lamp by adjusting it.

This version may even by a prototype as it has a Flock covering to the shade.

Many thanks to Anthony at http://www.flowoflava.com/ for all his help on this lamp.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

We’ve just received our complementary copy of the Christies Auction Catalogue “20th Century Decorative Art & Design”.
The auction is to be held on Wednesday 21 April 2010, at King Street, St. James's, London.

We are pleased to see our Sottsass Vase & Cover (Lot no 128 / page 63) there.

My wife picked it up on our travels a few years ago, where it lived on a shelf in are lounge for a couple of years, until are daughter arrived and was put away on top of a kitchen cupboard.

For full destails of the sale vist http://www.christies.com/

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Once we lived in an architecturally designed house in surrey and now we are in the process of re-designing our Scandinavian chalet style home in Suffolk.

While adding to our collection of ceramics, furniture, glass and lighting we are sharing our finds and offering must have homestyle objects for sale.

Keep checking back for updates!