Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Love of 1960s 1970s 3D Relief Abstract Art

One of my big passions in 20th century design is abstract 3D relief paintings / art.

My favorite known artist is Rosslyn Ruiz, I have three of her paintings. I first came across here work in Millers Collecting the 60s book and thought I would never find any of her work.

A few years after that book came out I found one at a car boot sale in Guildford Surrey.

The second piece of hers was picked up on eBay.

And the third picture came from a auction just a couple of weeks ago.

Other paintings / art work that I have in the same style that I have been collecting for years.

Made from pieces polystyrene and painted.

This was the first painting that started it all.

Possibly our favorite art work we own came from a car boot for the grand total of £2.00..

This fish is made from ceramic pieces with blue glass high lights.


  1. I have a large abstract given time by my late mother in the 1970's. Would you be interested please?
    Mary Smith

  2. I have a Rosslyn abstract. I've had it for about 20 years. Similar to the first one on your page. Interested?